Feliz Home: Homecoming

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There is nothing quite like good bedding! I seriously get ‘them feels’ when I see a comfy bed with fun sheets and a great duvet cover. So, of course I am totally crushing on the new range from Feliz Home, aptly named Homecoming.

The name ‘Homecoming’ reflects the belief that your home should be a comfy haven and place to express yourself. We believe everyone can benefit from coming home to the extraordinary healing powers of luxurious bed linen.

Feliz have definitely hit all my buttons with their high quality (GOTS organic cotton) bed linen and perfect blend of fun/trendy but timelessly designed pieces. I am ridiculously in love with the Fringed Linen throw in Mustard!! (ALL the heart eye emojis). Have a wee peruse through the range below and go here to see more!

Feliz Home⌇Kids & Adults Bedding⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

Feliz Home⌇Kids & Adults Bedding⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com


Images courtesy of Feliz Home

Focus: Cocoa Cereal by Meg & Lou

Cocoa Ceral Recipe⌇Meg & Lou ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our new contributor to Juniors – Meg from Meg & Lou! Meg blogs about life (and ridiculously cute baby, Eilidh) and shares recipes / diys and beautiful photos. Read on for a delicious, Juniors exclusive recipe!

Here’s Meg:

When I was a kid pudding was a huge deal mainly because we didn’t get it often. On the rare occasion we did it felt like an event. That being said, when Dad was on dinner duty we would get it every time. Good old Dad playing the playful/fun parent card. Breakfast for pudding, Cornflakes, fruit and milk, and even though we ate that every morning there was something exciting about eating it again 12 hours later.

Breakfast for dinner and/or pudding is the best! Even as an adult I can’t get enough, it’s also a massive perk of being a grown-up; “I feel like cereal for dinner, I’m totally having cereal for dinner!”.

Now that I’m a parent my tea time ideals have slipped a little, occasionally the kid gets cereal for dinner, yup I’ve turned into the parent I said I’d never be. But when you’re dealing with an over tired and hungry child that lovely bowl of love you spent the evening lovingly creating isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes breakfast is just the comfort food we all need after a long day.

Breakfast will always beat hangry.

The following recipe is chocolate cereal. Yup. Chocolate cereal you can eat all day.

Cocoa Ceral Recipe⌇Meg & Lou ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com


  • 3 TBSP Honey
  • 2 TBSP Coconut Oil
  • 2 TBSP Cocoa Powder
  • 2 cups Puffed Rice
  • ½ cup Puffed Quinoa
  • ½ cup Coconut chips

Pre-heat the oven to 140 degrees.

In a small saucepan gently melt the Honey and Coconut Oil together. Once melted add the Cocoa Powder and whisk until it’s lump free.

In a large bowl mix all of the dry ingredients together. Add the wet ingredients and mix well (and carefully) until everythings coated in the Cocoa mixture.

Spread the mixture on a sheet pan and spread it out thinly.

Put it into the oven, check and mix it every 5 minutes, for a total time of 15-20 minutes.

Because it’s dark in colour watch the coconut closely as this will be your clue as to when it’s ready. So keep an eye on it!

Cocoa Ceral Recipe⌇Meg & Lou ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.comCocoa Ceral Recipe⌇Meg & Lou ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.comCocoa Ceral Recipe⌇Meg & Lou ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

Written & photographed by Meg of Meg & Lou

Anchor & Fox

Anchor & Fox⌇Vintage Baby & Kids Shoes ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

We’ve got a fresh one for you today! Melbourne based Emma from Anchor & Fox has designed her own line of absolutely GORGEOUS baby / kids shoes and we’re head over heels.

After unsuccessfully trying to find someone local selling the classic vintage style shoe she was searching for, Emma decided to design a line of shoes herself and the results are truly stunning. Her first (current) range of classic European styles (oxfords, brogues and our personal favourite, the T-bar) has been hugely popular having sold out of brogues in several sizes / colours within the first few months!

Carefully designed and well made from genuine leather, these truly timeless and utterly adorable wee shoes are a must have on our list for a truly perfect kiddo wardrobe! Have a look through below and check out the whole range here.

Anchor & Fox⌇Vintage Baby & Kids Shoes ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

Anchor & Fox⌇Vintage Baby & Kids Shoes ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.comAnchor & Fox⌇Vintage Baby & Kids Shoes ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

Anchor & Fox⌇Vintage Baby & Kids Shoes ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

Imagery courtesy of Anchor & Fox

Why you should buy good art for kids rooms

Endemic World - Pete Cromer⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

I’m super excited to share today about picking “good art” for kids (babies to teens!) rooms and I have SO many great print choices from Endemic World to show you!

When I say “good art” I’m talking about artist designed pieces which are good quality, visually interesting, preferably local and not mass produced, “on trend” throwaway pieces. I’m not suggesting that you have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on nice artworks for your kids rooms! Kids grow and tastes change and I understand that not every parent has artwork in the budget! BUT.. I have been scouring Endemic World for you and have found SO many good options, all starting under the $100 mark and covering babies to teens..

So, why do I think you should buy “good art” for kids rooms?

  1. Special Memories (Life long treasures): Artwork is a personal thing and just as our favourite music or scents evoke memories of a certain time, the same is true of art. A beautiful print gifted to your child may one day be passed down to your grandchild, or forever hung in a future family home.
  2. Inspire Creativity: I love the idea of filling a home with artwork to inspire yourself and your family, to not only express yourself but to evoke your own creativity! For kids, having their own space and room is so important (especially as they grow) and filling it with inspiring work may be just the thing to spark their own creative interests.
  3. Support Artists: As you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you don’t need too much persuading on how important it is to support the artists, makers / creators and small business owners out there.. But it must be said, we should support artists and the creation of beautiful things. Buying art for your kids not only supports artists but encourages your kids to do the same in the future.
  4. Support Local: Okay, it’s kind of the same as the last point but I really need to push this one. Juniors is ALL about supporting New Zealand and Australian artists and brands because we believe there is value in supporting local businesses and that each of us can use our resources to positively impact artists and makers out there who put a lot of effort into doing what they do so well. If we each decided to purchase even just a few more local things than we do now, that would make a big difference (and again encourage your kids to do the same!)
  5. It just plain looks good: When a space looks good, it usually feels good. Feeling good in your space and in your home is a good thing and good for your kids overall wellbeing and happiness! (not at all scientific but makes sense to me!)

I’m a BIG fan of Endemic World, with their well curated selection of so many great artists, they make art buying easy for anyone. It was no easy task to choose from so many great options but I’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you! Below are some of my picks for kids rooms, all of which could be used for nearly any age and will stand the test of time. These aren’t all typical “kids” prints, but rather artworks which kids can definitely appreciate and love in their own space. Let me know which are your favourites and head over to Endemic World for even MORE choices!


Wild Wagon Co

Endemic World - Wild Wagon Co⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

1. Travel Far  2. Flower Moon  3. Waffle Cone



Pete Cromer

Endemic World - Pete Cromer⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

1. Battles  2. Little Red Riding Hood  3. Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum



Keryn Sweeny


1. Float  2. Floral Circle  3. Forest



Greg Straight

Endemic World - Greg Straight⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

1. One Track Mind  2. 50 Year Storm 3. Street Roller



Natasha Vermeulen

Endemic World - Natasha Vermuelen⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

1. Bear and Roses  2. Skate Mates  3. Snake



Cloud Nine Creative

Endemic World - Cloud Nine Creative⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

1. Pink Magical Forest  2. Aztec  3. Green Cactus



Olivia Bezett

Endemic World - Olivia Bezett⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

1. Bear  2. Rainbow Wreath Bunny  3. Spotted Doe




Endemic World - Inaluxe⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

1. Little Grey Fantail  2. Waratah Bud  3. Garden Party



Glenn Jones

Endemic World - Glenn Jones⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

1. Kiwi Cuz  2. Red Leader  3. Pick a Colour


Imagery provided courtesy of Endemic World

Mighty Small

Mighty Small⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

I am SO thrilled to be able to introduce to you a very clever, new Australian brand making some VERY cool products! Mighty Small is solving parenting problems the way kids would (makes sense!) and we LOVE what they’ve come up with.

Dave and 7 year old son Jasper have just recently launched Mighty Small and their first product is the Treasure Bowl. The bowl has a special compartment where you can store a treat which can only be retrieved by finishing your meal. Having witnessed the parenting perils of trying to get a 3 year old (my nephew) to eat dinner, I could immediately see the massive benefits of this bowl for tricky eaters (A must have to make meal times less stressful and more fun!)

If you’re wondering how it works, there are several clever additions: – A handy moat to capture any rogue food or sauce – A heat resistant lid to keep your treat cool and meal hot – A sticky grip base to stop slips. All this as well as being BPA chemical free and dishwasher safe. As a super cute non-food treat alternative, Mighty Small have released wee creature temporary tattoos (see image below) – LOVE!

The bowls and tattoos are available to purchase on the shop now! We are looking forward to the release of the next product they are working on – Medicine Marvin and Medicine Molly! A beautifully simple wee friend who makes taking medicine easier and more fun for kids. Scroll down to see pics and diagrams. These will be available soon, stay tuned!

Mighty Small⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.comMighty Small⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com Mighty Small⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

Imagery provided courtesy of Mighty Small