It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our new contributor to Juniors – Meg from Meg & Lou! Meg blogs about life (and ridiculously cute baby, Eilidh) and shares recipes / diys and beautiful photos. Read on for a delicious, Juniors exclusive recipe!

Here’s Meg:

When I was a kid pudding was a huge deal mainly because we didn’t get it often. On the rare occasion we did it felt like an event. That being said, when Dad was on dinner duty we would get it every time. Good old Dad playing the playful/fun parent card. Breakfast for pudding, Cornflakes, fruit and milk, and even though we ate that every morning there was something exciting about eating it again 12 hours later.

Breakfast for dinner and/or pudding is the best! Even as an adult I can’t get enough, it’s also a massive perk of being a grown-up; “I feel like cereal for dinner, I’m totally having cereal for dinner!”.

Now that I’m a parent my tea time ideals have slipped a little, occasionally the kid gets cereal for dinner, yup I’ve turned into the parent I said I’d never be. But when you’re dealing with an over tired and hungry child that lovely bowl of love you spent the evening lovingly creating isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes breakfast is just the comfort food we all need after a long day.

Breakfast will always beat hangry.

The following recipe is chocolate cereal. Yup. Chocolate cereal you can eat all day.

Cocoa Ceral Recipe⌇Meg & Lou ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇


  • 3 TBSP Honey
  • 2 TBSP Coconut Oil
  • 2 TBSP Cocoa Powder
  • 2 cups Puffed Rice
  • ½ cup Puffed Quinoa
  • ½ cup Coconut chips

Pre-heat the oven to 140 degrees.

In a small saucepan gently melt the Honey and Coconut Oil together. Once melted add the Cocoa Powder and whisk until it’s lump free.

In a large bowl mix all of the dry ingredients together. Add the wet ingredients and mix well (and carefully) until everythings coated in the Cocoa mixture.

Spread the mixture on a sheet pan and spread it out thinly.

Put it into the oven, check and mix it every 5 minutes, for a total time of 15-20 minutes.

Because it’s dark in colour watch the coconut closely as this will be your clue as to when it’s ready. So keep an eye on it!

Cocoa Ceral Recipe⌇Meg & Lou ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.comCocoa Ceral Recipe⌇Meg & Lou ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.comCocoa Ceral Recipe⌇Meg & Lou ⌇Juniors Design Blog ⌇

Written & photographed by Meg of Meg & Lou

6 July, 2017
12 October, 2017