French Soda - 2014 Winter Collection

Considering the rain that has been swamping much of NZ the last few days – I kind of think this post is timely!

French Soda’s Winter 2014 collection offers a fun and cool collection of every day essentials, not only bursting with colour but also is of the most durable, sturdiest quality to ensure that little adventurers are kept warm and dry during the colder months.

The Australian based brand is all about creating classic, fuss-free kids essentials which are stylish in their simplicity. Inspired by sensibilities of France, where less is always more. French Soda believes in creating quality, stylish essentials for little people without all the bling.

French Soda - 2014 Winter Collection  French Soda - 2014 Winter Collection French Soda - 2014 Winter CollectionFrench Soda - 2014 Winter CollectionFrench Soda - 2014 Winter Collection

9 June, 2014


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    Angelfish Dragonfly

    25 June, 2014

    I am loving these outfits for the rainy season! Those gumboots are so cool and colourful.