Our heads are swimming in the beautiful world of Kate & Kate. Luxurious natural fibres of linen and hand woven cotton mix with bright pops of colour, free-form hand drawn shapes and contrasting geometric designs. The new Eastern Point Summer range is on… point!

We’ve talked about Australian brand, Kate & Kate before and we’re overjoyed to see their range expand since we talked about them last (these guys are ones to follow!!). As well as GORGEOUS 100% cotton baby blankets (which are soft, breathable and a nice generous size perfect for babies AND kids! – Hooray!) we’re also totally crazy about the Linen throws! Linen is such a luxury fabric and these throws bring them into everyday life even for a busy family. You can use them not only as a blanket (for the couch or bed) but also a beach throw, wall hanging, table cloth or a picnic rug. Multi-purpose – Yeesss!

Cushions.. Cotton Blankets.. Tea Towels… Napkins.. Ahh they’re all so beautiful!! Have a scroll through with us and see their whole collection here

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The Kate & Kate, sisters-in-law Kate Pascoe and Kate Pascoe Squires.


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Imagery courtesy of Kate & Kate

2 December, 2016
6 December, 2016