I am SO thrilled to be able to introduce to you a very clever, new Australian brand making some VERY cool products! Mighty Small is solving parenting problems the way kids would (makes sense!) and we LOVE what they’ve come up with.

Dave and 7 year old son Jasper have just recently launched Mighty Small and their first product is the Treasure Bowl. The bowl has a special compartment where you can store a treat which can only be retrieved by finishing your meal. Having witnessed the parenting perils of trying to get a 3 year old (my nephew) to eat dinner, I could immediately see the massive benefits of this bowl for tricky eaters (A must have to make meal times less stressful and more fun!)

If you’re wondering how it works, there are several clever additions: – A handy moat to capture any rogue food or sauce – A heat resistant lid to keep your treat cool and meal hot – A sticky grip base to stop slips. All this as well as being BPA chemical free and dishwasher safe. As a super cute non-food treat alternative, Mighty Small have released wee creature temporary tattoos (see image below) – LOVE!

The bowls and tattoos are available to purchase on the shop now! We are looking forward to the release of the next product they are working on – Medicine Marvin and Medicine Molly! A beautifully simple wee friend who makes taking medicine easier and more fun for kids. Scroll down to see pics and diagrams. These will be available soon, stay tuned!

Mighty Small⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.comMighty Small⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com Mighty Small⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇ www.juniorsdesignblog.com

Imagery provided courtesy of Mighty Small