It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce you to the MOST beautiful baby blankets we have ever laid our eyes on! Clever Christine from Niche Textile Studio in Wellington is hand weaving a range of sustainably minded blankets from New Zealand wool, the result is incredibly well made and thoughtfully designed pieces which would most certainly be handed down for generations to come.

Naturally coloured wool (meaning no dyes are used and energy and water use in yarn production is reduced) complements the three different motifs available in the range. These motifs have been translated into a textured self-stitched double cloth weave structure with 2 layers of cloth on the loom woven together at little moments of pattern, creating loft and warmth.

Each blanket is available in either Wahakura (moses basket) size (65cm x 80cm) or Cot size (105cm x 120cm). We also spy Niche’s equally beautiful range of hand woven cushions (see here and here) which would be just stunning in a nursery (or anywhere in the house)!! Come and look through the different motifs with us, I’m not sure I can pick a favourite (although the Ocean waves is really speaking to me!)… Let us know your favourite in the comments!
niche_product-4_squareGeotile Baby Blanket, Niche Textile Studio⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇
Geotile – celebrates the universal language and elegance of pattern constructed on hidden grids of circles and ruled lines, and mastered by practitioners of Islamic design.
Niche Textile Studio⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇
Ocean Waves (Seigaha) – derived from Japanese sashiko stitching, represents power, luck and resilience.
Niche Textile Studio⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇
Seven Treasures (Shippo Tsunagi) – derived from the Japanese sashiko stitch tradition and symbolises good fortune.

Images by Russell Kleyn

13 December, 2016