Guys!! I am SO excited to introduce a new contributor to the blog, Rachel from Sweet & Savage! Humbly making the most delicious food, sharing recipes and beautiful photos, Sweet & Savage is a look into Rachel’s gorgeous family life in the country. You will die when you see her doughnuts, oh my goodness! Look through her Instagram!! Without further ado, here is Rachel and her recipe for White Christmas:

White Christmas Recipe, Sweet & Savage⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇

Christmas (like most social occasions where there are people around to witness the day’s events and remind you of them for years to come) is all about making an impression. Fortunately, I have demonstrated a clear gifting in this from a young age.
I had just turned three, it was Christmas of 1984. I was given a plastic doll. It’s name was “*#@%”, I declared! Despite numerous attempts at an alternate suggestion, I was absolutely unpersuadable. My parents were horrified. The extended family were delighted!

In thirty-plus years, I’m afraid not much has changed. Albeit, slightly a less cute version of my younger self- and we now have our own kids on hand to provide entertainment and ensure we are memorable. Oh, and THIS.
Our annual; tradition of three-whole-years; throw-together White Christmas.
Three words: it’s a hit.

White Christmas Recipe, Sweet & Savage⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇


(fills an oven tray approx 30 x 25cm, cut into 2cm pieces: about 48 pieces)

  • 750g white chocolate
  • 75ml coconut oil
  • 75g coconut chips or shredded coconut, lightly toasted
  • 100g marshmallows, chopped if required
  • 150g soft berry jubes (and glo-harts if you can find them), roughly chopped
  • 75g spearmint leaves, chopped
  • 75g pistachios
  • 100g macadamias
  • 100g dried strawberries/cranberries/cherries
  1. Grease and line oven tray.
  2. Give yourself a bit of bench space. Measure dry ingredients and add to a large bowl. Once all ingredients are in the bowl, mix to combine so they are evenly distributed.
  3. Melt chocolate in heatproof bowl over saucepan with small amount of water in bottom. When chocolate is almost melted, add coconut oil and stir until combined.
  4. Pour chocolate into dry mixture and stir to combine. Once chocolate is mixed through evenly, pour into lined oven tray.
  5. Chill until set.
  6. Prior to cutting, leave to sit at room temperature to soften slightly, so it doesn’t crack when sliced. Cut into 2cm sized pieces.
  7. Place a few pieces in a box or cellophone bag (we made waxed fabric to line boxes). Everyone will love you.

White Christmas Recipe, Sweet & Savage⌇ Juniors Design Blog ⌇

Christmas: make it a memorable one. But for all the right reasons.
I hope yours is a lovely one – whoever you’re with and wherever you are xx


Written & photographed by Rachel Savage of Sweet & Savage

15 December, 2016
10 January, 2017